ISM Leader Auditor


This course is comprehensive and fully self-contained. No knowledge of management systems, the ISM Code or auditing is assumed or necessary.

What will you learn?

  • an understanding of management system principles
  • an understanding of the ISM Code as a management system model
  • an understanding of risk and its management
  • knowledge of the processes involved in the design, development, implementation and continual improvement of an effective system in the context of shipping operations
  • a practical approach to the interpretation and application of the ISM Code
  • a thorough knowledge of the principles and practice of the conduct and reporting of audits.

Key content

  • the history, background and implications of the ISM Code
  • the content and objectives of the ISM Code
  • administrations, recognised organisations and the certification regime
  • management system concepts and principles
  • interpretation of the requirements of the ISM Code and how a ship management company may achieve compliance
  • demonstration of compliance with the requirements of the ISM Code by means of records and other objective evidence.

Target Audience:


This course is equally suitable for those who have, or may have in the future, duties involving matters of safety and pollution prevention and who want to develop a good grasp of how management systems can achieve these goals.


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