ISM Internal Auditor


The Superintendent training course provides a solid foundation for developing experience for those new to Superintendency.
The ISM Code is a mandatory international standard for the safe management and operation of ships. It sets the requirements for a company management system with regard to safety and pollution prevention, including the development and implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS).

The course includes all relevant topics for establishing and maintaining a Safety Management System which needs to be a dynamic tool that is "lived" by the whole organization. The course adheres to ISO 19011 "Guidelines for auditing management systems" and discusses relevant topics when conducting internal audits including the need for a systematic and independent examination to determine whether the SMS activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and are suitable to achieve objectives.

The course focuses on:

  • Key aspects of management systems in general
  • Objectives of the ISM Code
  • Understanding and interpreting the ISM Code requirements
  • Practical solutions for meeting ISM Code requirements
  • Challenges when developing or improving an SMS
  • Understanding the audit as a management tool
  • Dynamic elements of the SMS
  • Documentation for practical support of audits

Target Audience:


Employees who are members of an audit team currently working for ship owners, ship management companies; senior and junior officers on board vessels; P&I and Hull Clubs conducting external audits of shipping companies; PSC Officers and Vetting Inspectors; any other persons verifying degree of implementation of Safety Management Systems ashore or on board vessels.


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